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As you may have recently heard here on the blog, AREVA is helping Tepco treat most of the contaminated water from the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.

So what is a water decontamination process? We have a glimpse of how this will be set up at the reactor using some of the innovative techniques already in place at AREVA’s La Hague and Melox facilities in France.

Diagram of the proposed solution from AREVA/Veolia Water

Watch as Thierry Varet, Chief Technical Officer of AREVA’s Nuclear Site Value Development Business Unit, describes the system.

ZD YouTube FLV Player

And yes… we have provided the translation below.

“Tepco had to put an emergency cooling system into service which consisted of injecting water into the reactors, as a result of which the water became contaminated. There is currently a very large volume of such contaminated water at the Fukushima site.”

“The aim of decontamination is to limit the levels of radioactivity at the site, and to make areas in which this effluent is currently located accessible to personnel, thereby allowing the placement into service of equipment required to maintain reactor safety.”

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