Martian Selfie Catches AREVA CANBERRA Technology


Thanks to Planetary blogger Emily Lakdawalla for posting the current “selfie” of dusty Mars rover Curiosity (see image below), and revealing a peak-a-boo view of equipment from AREVA-subsidiary CANBERRA. 

Image source: NASA / JPL / MSSS / Thomas Appéré

The Curiosity rover carries 10 scientific instruments, one of which is CANBERRA’s Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD). About the size of a small toaster, the RAD includes 72 CANBERRA detectors to help measure and identify all high-energy radiation on the Martian surface, such as protons, energetic ions of various elements, neutrons and gamma rays. 

The data collected by CANBERRA’s RAD detector will help scientists calculate the equivalent dose people would be exposed to on the surface of Mars. This measurement of Martian radiation’s potential effect on humans will help prepare and protect future astronauts exploring the Red Planet.

Just another example of how AREVA technology is out of this world!

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