Tom Franch: “Cybersecurity and Nuclear Power Sector”


In this recent Power Engineering article, AREVA’s Tom Franch, SVP of Reactors and Services, provides a broad range of detailed insights on Cybersecurity in the Nuclear Energy sector.

He emphasizes that,

“The nuclear power industry is one of the most highly regulated and safest industries in the world, and takes cyber threats seriously … every plant submitted a cybersecurity plan to the NRC that described how the plant would implement their cybersecurity program and the schedule for implementation. The NRC reviewed and approved each of these plans and schedules …”

As part of this industry-wide upgrade activity, Franch lists the seven cybersecurity recommendations that every power plant should consider, and says,

“While this transition to digital technology is increasing the capability, longevity, safety and reliability of America’s nuclear plants, the need to integrate robust cybersecurity measures is a necessity.”

Franch wraps up his comments by describing AREVA’s cybersecurity partnership with Northrop Grumman and the benefits of proactive protection,

“Teams of highly skilled cyber engineers work daily to protect the nation’s critical assets against threats and exposure. And because of strict regulatory oversight and a culture steeped in safety and security, there is no industry better suited to address cybersecurity for the energy sector than the nuclear industry.”

Read the entire article here.

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