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As major announcements roll out of the White House and Department of Energy in support of expanding nuclear energy in the United States, many regional and local newspapers have expressed positive opinions and support for this growth.

An editorial from The Philadelphia Inquirer argued that:

“The point is that increasing the nation’s reliance on nuclear power, or wind, or solar, requires disincentives to using fossil fuels. It also requires convincing states like Pennsylvania that new jobs in wind, solar, and nuclear will be created quickly to supplant those lost in extracting and delivering the old, polluting fossil fuels.”

From the Lynchburg News & Advance in Virginia, “Obama Sees the Light on Nuclear Power”:

“Earlier this week, President Barack Obama finally … finally … acknowledged a fact many Americans have known for years: that nuclear power is essential to this nation’s future… What is so significant about this step is that these two plants would be the first nuclear power facilities to be built in the United States in more than 30 years, following the Three Mile Island accident in the late 1970s.”

From the Marietta Times in Marietta, Ohio, “America needs to build nuclear power plants

“Good move building nuclear plants again after 30+ years of not building one. I was at Department of Energy during the “Three Mile Island” incident, and our mentality following that is similar to an individual who says, “since I had a car accident, I am not going to drive or ride in a car again.”

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