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By Veronica Rosu and Edouard de Quatrebarbes, “Future Energy Leaders” of AREVA

Good afternoon from the World Energy Congress, here in Montreal. It is an intense, interesting and challenging conference, filled with information exchange, debate and inspiration with the current energy leaders, as part of the Future Energy Leaders Programme!!

Here are some highlights of our experience, bits from a typical day:

6:00 am – Alarm clock rings, the sun is rising in Montreal (maybe, somewhere behind the September clouds: Wake up!)

7:15 am – The FEL gather for breakfast panel discussions with industry, academics or policy leaders. Interesting ideas, new and old business models, technical concepts, are discussed over coffee and then … it’s time for Q&A!

8:30 – 12:15 pm : As the plenary rooms are filled, the plenary session unfold around the main WEC 2010 themes of accessibility, availability, acceptability and a new addition following our FELP’s predecessors proposition: accountability.

1:15 – 4:00 pm: The FELP meets again, working together and debating on developing our own declaration on the four main conference topics. Discussion is lively, opinions as diverse as the 137 countries represented at the conference with views come from all energy industry sectors.

4:00 – 6:00 pm: More plenary sessions, interesting ideas, new topics, and a wrap-up of the daily inspiring discussions.

6:00 pm onwards: Time for “resautage” (networking). A working dinner with FELP colleagues, a dinner on the run, or even the privilege to exchange ideas and take a picture with Mme Anne Lauvergeon at a cocktail hosted by French Energy Council.

The most resilient participants then move on to a German-hosted traditional Oktoberfest!

6:00 am next day: Tired but excited, a new day unfolds!

What a fabulous opportunity!! We are happy and very grateful to have had the chance to experience so much, meet so many of the opinion leaders shaping the energy industry. We have here realized that the future of energy is not set, and we are proud to be shaping this future in a sustainable manner, as part of AREVA.

More about the Future Energy Leaders program here.

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