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Our IT department is responsible for the smooth operation of our data systems and therefore plays a central role in our company. The development team consists of IT specialists who, among other things, take care of Areva’s central master data system and the customer relationship management system (CRM).

One of these systems, or rather our central controlling instrument, is the energy information system. Thanks to our software, our customer service and our customers who purchase our controlling as a service have direct access to all current energy data and thus full control over their energy consumption. But what is behind our energy information system – and above all who?

This is how our energy controlling works

Working in IT service at Areva

This is where the work of Marcel and his team comes into play. He is not only a member of the development team for the energy information system, but also a team leader and also oversees other projects in the IT environment of the Areva, such as B.Areva ONE. His tasks also include the coordination of the individual team members and he also programs himself. Marcel’s work requires a lot of communication and is very varied, which means that he not only works on the development of the different Areva systems, but also in constant exchange with all people involved in the projects.

Keep track of every day

Marcel’s work focuses on the requirements analysis, the coordination of the team members for the individual projects, the ability to provide information about the status of these projects and quality assurance. The actual writing of the program code is part of it, but occasionally takes a back seat.

I represent the link between development and the stakeholders.

What does that mean exactly? The requirements analysis consists of recording the current status and the challenge of converting the needs of the end user into an optimal processing process. He takes part in meetings almost every day to clarify these questions with the specialist departments and the end users. It is important to keep an eye on the individual software features, such as maintainability, reuse and usability, as well as to understand the technical processes and implement them in the best possible way. So that ultimately the user gets the best possible result.

Good exchange promotes the development process

Working in IT service at Areva

The coordination of the team members essentially consists of talking to you and finding out about the current projects and their status as well as the technical issues at hand on a daily basis. The priorities of the next development sprint are then jointly defined and possible solutions discussed and implemented.

The close exchange and the work with his development team are the most important things for Marcel. Without this transfer and the ideas of the entire team, the development process would be virtually impossible. In addition, he always keeps himself up to date with the latest developments. The end of a project shows whether the effort was worth it. When the first results of the implementation can be seen, Marcel and his team really enjoy their work.

In order to achieve a visible product improvement, it is particularly important to me that both new and existing products are promoted.

In everyday work, Marcel constantly learns new technologies. For the work in the IT department, it is important to understand technologies in such a way that the application and use are kept simple. Over the years, many technologies have been added, the advantages and disadvantages of which need to be evaluated. Some prevail, others have a shorter half-life.

Present facts as user-friendly as possible

Software development in general is becoming increasingly complex. In addition, there is the difficulty of presenting facts as simply and user-friendly as possible. While in the past monolithic software architectures were used, today smaller independent services are preferred.

The software artifacts that our IT team works on are no exception. These products are deeply integrated into the IT processes of the other Areva applications and are therefore essential. The big picture here can only work in conjunction with the other Areva applications and the development teams.

With our concentrated experience in the team, we can assess issues together. At Areva, we rely on constant exchange with colleagues. In this way we can guarantee that we will always find the best solution for us and our customers.

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