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20111216-120617.jpgCorporate Voices for Working Families released a new study today covering important ground, especially given the state of the U.S. economy, the pressing need to create new and good jobs, and encouraging a broad-based American prosperity.

The study focues on several case studies describing how “several respected American employers invest in education, training, and the basic workforce readiness of their employees, with a particular focus on the needs of entry-level and lower-skilled associates.”

We were very honored to be one of those case studies highlighting our program in Virginia …

“AREVA, a global energy corporation, partners with Central Virginia Community College, on a training program through which employees pursue their higher education while working at the company. Successful candidates earn an associate degree in Nuclear Support Technologies, in a curriculum specially tailored to the labor market needs of AREVA.”

Corporate Voices for Working Families is “the leading national business membership organization shaping conversations and collaborations on public and corporate policy issues involving working families.” As an engaged corporate citizen, AREVA continues championing the perspective that U.S. energy policy choices are part of the much bigger picture impacting a revitalized 21st Century American workforce, and we are very proud to be listed along with the other great efforts described in the paper.

Read the full study here.

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