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To ensure clear and correct information is received and understood regarding the explosion at a low-level waste facility in France, here’s a summary of the situation according to our latest information:

  • The incident occurred at a low-level waste facility, called CENTRACO, owned by SOCODEI, an EDF subsidiary. Geographically, this facility is located at the Marcoule site in southeastern France. This site is quite large and hosts multiple other industries, including a separate AREVA facility.
  • This event had no impact on the AREVA facility or its operations.
  • The CENTRACO facility reduces and packages low-level materials, such as clothing and scrap metal from nuclear sites.
  • The explosion occurred near a furnace processing these materials.
  • Unfortunately, one person was killed and four injured.
  • Monitors outside the facility measure no radiological or chemical waste released into the outside environment.
  • The site is secured and a resulting fire was extinguished
  • There is no nuclear fuel processing at this facility.
  • Inspectors are onsite examining the site and monitoring the environment.

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