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Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council of Idaho Falls (click to enlarge)

by Katherine Berezowskyj

The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council of Idaho Falls had a full day Monday of scientific and cultural experiences near Avignon, France. The students toured and learned about the advanced technology under construction at AREVA’s George Besse II enrichment facility. This facility uses the same centrifuge technology that AREVA plans to bring to Idaho Falls at the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility.

Following the facility tour, local high school students and the mayor of local Pierrelatte welcomed the Advisory Council and Idaho Falls Mayor Jared Fuhriman as an opportunity for cultural exchange and their shared investment in the future of nuclear energy. Both acknowledged the importance of the students understanding enrichment technology and its positive impact on their community.

Mayor Yves Le Bellec of Pierrelatte said: “it was a good day for the city, AREVA, and for the future of the project with the presence of the young adults.” Mayor Fuhriman also commented how much the students had taken away from the day’s events and how much they learned about the science of enrichment. “As a result, I am even more confident in AREVA’s Eagle Rock facility coming to our community,” Fuhriman said.

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