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By Mike Rencheck, COO, AREVA Inc

For the past 40+ years, a persistent focus on safety and safety upgrades by operators at the utilities’ 104 U.S. nuclear power reactors has ensured reliable, safe, and cost-effective electricity for millions of Americans. Following the Fukushima crisis, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering additional safety requirements and enhancements. Utilities have been proactively acting to ensure safe operations, while actively determining how to best meet these requirements … and AREVA has the solutions.

In the past year, AREVA has globally developed and launched the Safety Alliance, a comprehensive framework [PDF link] providing our utility customers with a proven, systematic analysis and implementation of effective safety enhancements.

As the global leader in nuclear, AREVA is uniquely experienced to help our customers capture lessons learned, understand available technologies, and demonstrate that their plants will:
Resist major hazards (natural and man-made) Maintain steadfast cooling capability after “beyond design basis” external events Prevent damage after “beyond design basis” external events

The Safety Alliance focuses a selective network of safety experts and a catalog of proven products and services to tailor solutions based on the customer’s site, design, and regulatory environment. As part of these robust solutions, we can provide safety analyses, evaluate safety upgrades and new equipment, and formulate safety procedures to strengthen crisis management responses, as necessary.

It’s a comprehensive approach to preventive solutions. As the only global leader that can provide and apply fully integrated, full-cycle expertise, AREVA is uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to utilities worldwide.

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