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by Jarret Adams

Today AREVA launched a major campaign to support its global recruitment efforts. We’re focusing this effort in six major countries or regions, including North America, China, France, Germany, India and the Middle East. Our worldwide goal is to recruit 12,000 people, mostly engineers and technicians, this year.

In North America, AREVA plans to hire some 700 new employees this year, which would represent a 10 percent increase to its current work force on the continent. “We are aggressively recruiting top-notch employees in North America to support an ambitious expansion of our nuclear energy, renewables and electricity transmission and distribution businesses, which is now under way despite a difficult economic environment,” said Jacques Besnainou, President of AREVA Inc.

It’s interesting to note that during a time when many companies are cutting payroll, AREVA is looking to expand. This expansion speaks volumes of the value in the marketplace for our clean energy solutions, such as nuclear power, renewables and smart grid applications.

The recruitment of new employees in North America will support some of our major projects in development, including the AREVA Newport News manufacturing facility in southern Virginia, the Eagle Rock enrichment facility in Idaho, the detailed design of the U.S. EPR™ reactor under way in Lynchburg, Va., and Charlotte, N.C., and new smart grid applications at our facility in Redmond, Washington.

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AREVA Recruiting Ad - Click to Enlarge

AREVA Recruiting Ad – Click to Enlarge

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