Growth in Idaho Falls Calls for Office Relocation


Idaho Falls, Idaho has been busy with AREVA activities for quite some time, and today was no exception as three AREVA Inc. subsidiaries collected into new office spaces. AREVA Federal Services, CANBERRA Inc., and AREVA Enrichment Services have taken their activities to the McNeil Building at Taylor Crossing.

AREVA Federal Services and CANBERRA Inc. have been a part of the Idaho Falls community for almost a decade. Their work supports the Idaho National Laboratory, operated by the Department of Energy, through waste characterization, packaging, and transportation. AREVA Federal Services operates as the direct point of contact for AREVA’s federal business, and CANBERRA leads the field in nuclear measurement.

AREVA Enrichment Services recently made Idaho Falls its home to continue with its advancement for plans to build and operate a state of the art centrifuge enrichment facility 18 miles west of the city.

As the picture for Idaho Falls continues to look bright, AREVA Federal Service’s Ed Gulbransen shared that “we enjoy the work we are performing for the site and plan to have a presence here for a very long time.” AREVA Enrichment Services Vice-President Bob Poyser echoed these thoughts as “We are making steady progress in the engineering and licensing of the enrichment facility and look forward to breaking ground for construction as planned in 2011.”

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