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By Katherine Berezowskyj

April Fools! Yes we got it– Google is not going to build a uranium enrichment facility, as TechCrunch suggested yesterday.

Part of the story included the claim that “Google, which has been shaken by its inability to counter Chinese censorship and hacking efforts, may be engaging in enrichment research as part of a new effort to simply protect itself from outside threats” which is defiantly far-fetched. But how unrealistic is it for a company to invest in nuclear energy as a cleaner way of powering the U.S.?

As part of Google’s advocacy for policies that address global challenges, Google says that they are “committed to helping build a clean energy future.” So is AREVA.

AREVA is the world’s largest supplier of CO2-free energy solutions, like wind, solar, biomass, and nuclear energy. As part of AREVA’s efforts to develop carbon-free energy technology and investment for the United States, AREVA is investing in all of these sources, particularly nuclear energy.

Even more ironic, while Google is not going to build a uranium enrichment facility, AREVA is working to do just that for the United States. AREVA is a world expert in this field and has just completed the construction of a centrifuge enrichment facility—one that uses the most advanced uranium enrichment technology available.

For the U.S., AREVA has already made significant investments to build a uranium enrichment facility in Idaho. This is a project that will mean thousands of jobs, millions for the local economy, and will provide critical energy security with this domestic infrastructure.

While we admire all that Google is doing to “confront the climate crisis,” we think investing in nuclear energy for a cleaner plant is not such a crazy idea.

For more on the April fool’s joke check out: link 1 and link 2.

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