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From World Nuclear News:

Leaders of the G8 have agreed goals for global greenhouse gas emission reductions and have witnessed the essential role to be played by nuclear energy. . . .

On nuclear energy, the G8 ‘witnessed’ that a growing number of countries see nuclear power as a means to address climate change and energy security, with an essential role in meeting the dual challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and lowering fossil fuel consumption.

We’re glad the G8 is acknowledging nuclear power’s essential role as part of a carbon-free energy future. As we wrote yesterday, AREVA’s unique position as the only company involved in all aspects of the nuclear power process – from mining to enrichment to spent fuel recycling – makes us an ideal partner for developing and developed countries alike who are looking to generate clean, safe, carbon-free energy. We’re glad the G8 is acknowledging the worldwide nuclear renaissance.

With respect to the U.S., it’s essential that policymakers recognize the important contribution that nuclear energy already makes to preventing greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear energy currently provides nearly three-quarters of CO2-free electricity in the U.S., so it should figure prominently in any strategy for the climate change situation.

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