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Thomas Friedman wrote in a Jan. 9 op-ed on why the United States should invest and develop “Energy Technology” (ET) now. If not, America’s technology, businesses, and infrastructure could be left behind as China’s makes a “green leap forward.” Here’s what he wrote:

“We are either going to put in place a price on carbon and the right regulatory incentives to ensure that America is China’s main competitor/partner in the E.T. revolution, or we are going to gradually cede this industry to Beijing and the good jobs and energy security that would go with it…

China is also engaged in the world’s most rapid expansion of nuclear power. It is expected to build some 50 new nuclear reactors by 2020; the rest of the world combined might build 15.

EPR(tm) reactor construction in China

EPR(tm) reactor construction in China

By the end of this decade, China will be dominating global production of the whole range of power equipment,” said Andrew Brandler, the C.E.O. of the CLP Group, Hong Kong’s largest power utility.

In the process, China is going to make clean power technologies cheaper for itself and everyone else. But even Chinese experts will tell you that it will all happen faster and more effectively if China and America work together — with the U.S. specializing in energy research and innovation, at which China is still weak, as well as in venture investing and servicing of new clean technologies, and with China specializing in mass production.”

Read the rest of the opinion piece from the New York Times here.

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