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AREVA has launched a new international advertising campaign entitled “Energy: one powerful story.” Following its initial launch in French media outlets last week, the new AREVA print, online and video advertisements will begin running in American and other European media beginning January 17.

The campaign is underpinned by a 60-second animated film, which tells the story of energy as a vector for human progress, stretching back to antiquity. The visual and musical originality that made the previous “Energy experts” spot such a success is still very much in evidence.

“This new film brings out the intrinsic value of the group’s offering of low-carbon solutions for producing electricity. But it goes beyond that. By placing these solutions in the context of humanity and development, it underlines what has been achieved up to the present and what remains to be done,” said Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior Vice President of Communications and Spokesperson for the AREVA group.

For the AREVA brand celebrating its 10th birthday in September 2011, this campaign features the tagline “Forward-looking energy,” highlighting the group’s commitment to developing innovative and sustainable solutions for clean energy.

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