Forward-Looking Energy Vision for U.S.


AREVA Inc. CEO Mike Rencheck sat down with Chris Newkumet from Platts TV on Sunday, May 19, to share his perspective on the nuclear industry and AREVA’s Forward-Looking Energy vision. This vision articulates the company’s outlook through a discussion of growth, people and responsibility.

“AREVA is at the forefront of a daily nuclear energy renewal that is rooted in our people and our responsibility to put safety first and foremost in everything that we do,” said Mike Rencheck, CEO, AREVA Inc. “Platts Energy Week TV was the ideal venue for sharing this vision due to its reputation and influence among key stakeholders in the energy industry.”

In the interview, Mr. Rencheck discussed the highly competitive North American electric power market, as well as politics surrounding the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility project (MFFF) designed to make reactor fuel from nuclear-weapons-grade plutonium, a project that recently reached 15 million safe-hours worked.

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