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While AREVA works diligently with U.S. regulators to ensure that the EPR™ reactor meets – and exceeds—all of the standards to bring this Generations III+ reactor to the American market, the process in the United Kingdom is also moving along swimmingly.

According to a recent article in Nuclear Engineering International the February report from the UK regulator suggests that the AREVA/EDF tem has made greater progress in licensing the EPR than others engaged in the UK assessment. The piece points out:

The EPR issue related to the complexity and interconnectedness of the reactor control system and safety systems, and the lack of non-computer backup of these systems. Areva/EDF have proposed two new systems to resolve these problems, according to regulatory documentation from November.

We are glad to see things moving forward in an important process that will help bring an additional baseload source of clean energy to the United Kingdom…and soon to the United States.

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