Engineers Week and AREVA at JFHS


Guest post by Ken Cooper, Physics / Earth Science teacher
Jefferson Forest H.S., Bedford County Public Schools

On Tuesday, February 18, Mr. Creasy and Ms. Weinmeister from AREVA visited my 2nd period Physics class as part of promoting Engineers Week. They briefly shared with the class areas of engineering at AREVA, and how students can get become involved in engineering. Mr. Creasy told them about a couple of different paths they could follow; of course, focusing on how AREVA can help the students, hoping they would become future employees. He stressed the need for the young people to get involved with engineering, because there’s an increasing need in this area due to technological advancements, retirees, and other reasons.

He also shared how AREVA can offer them tuition help, internships, and job experience, all while attending college. I think some of them will be considering looking into this in the future.

The students seemed to enjoy the speakers (and not just because it wasn’t me teaching). Some of the students asked about how their own interests are connected to AREVA.  Others asked about some specifics about AREVA’s nuclear and renewable energy businesses, or connections about AREVA to other companies, privacy issues, or other concerns. There were a lot of good questions. Both speakers answered the students’ questions well, sometimes using video presentations or pictures to do the talking for them, which is what prompted some of the other questions.

The presentation concluded with a team-building exercise I’ve seen and done myself that the students liked. It was pretty cool watching them use Physics and teamwork to design and build something out of spaghetti and marshmallows.

I hope to have AREVA and others over to speak to my Earth Science class, or as I teach math classes in the future.

Thanks, AREVA!

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