Encouraging News: Marching for Nuclear Energy


One of the most important decisions we have to make, both as a nation and worldwide, is how we’re going to deal with the threat of climate change. And, as we’ve pointed out on numerous occasions on this site, nuclear energy—a reliable, baseload, low-carbon source of electricity—is an essential part of the solution as we move from burning fossil fuels to humanity’s clean energy future.

Which is why we’re so encouraged by recent coverage of a four-day protest march called March for Environmental Hope. About 80 activists led by two environmental advocacy groups, Environmental Progress and Mothers for Nuclear, staged sit-ins and protest chants at the offices of anti-nuclear organizations attempting to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear energy facility in San Luis Obispo, California. As nuclear energy supporter Rod Adams put it, “Gulliver (nuclear energy) finally began recognizing that the threads holding him down are breakable.”

Photo Credit:  Mike Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMD

Photo Credit: Mike Shellenberger @ShellenbergerMD

It’s a hopeful sign that environmental advocates who support nuclear energy as a reliable, low-carbon source of power aren’t going to let anti-nuclear activists monopolize the conversation about nuclear energy anymore. As Environmental Progress points out, when clean air nuclear energy facilities like Diablo Canyon are shut down, they’re ultimately replaced by burning more fossil fuels, which increases emissions. If we’re trying to reduce our national carbon footprint, that’s the wrong way to go.

So kudos to the leaders and members of Environmental Progress, Mothers for Nuclear, and all the environmental advocates who came out to paint signs, chant messages, and march with friends and family. Thanks for standing up for nuclear energy as an essential component of our clean energy portfolio. Keep your signs handy.

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