Electricity levies 2022: an overview of the new levies for 2022


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The transmission system operators announced the electricity surcharges for 2022 in October.

The EEG levy and the switchable load levy decrease – the remaining levies increase.

EEG surcharge 2022 drops to 3.7 cents per kWh

The EEG surcharge, together with the switchable load surcharge, is the only surcharge that will be reduced for 2022.

The EEG surcharge has already been reduced from 6.756 cents per kWh to 6.5 cents per kWh for 2021. A further reduction to 3.7 cents per kWh has now been decided for 2022.

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Offshore liability surcharge for 2022 increases by around 6%

After the offshore liability surcharge for 2021 was last reduced by around 5%, it will now be raised to 0.42 cents per kWh for 2022. This means that the offshore liability allocation has risen to an all-time high.

KWKG levy 2022 increases again

The surcharge for the Combined Heat and Power Act will increase again for 2021 after last year’s decline: This is how the surcharge of currently increased from 0.226 to 0.378 cents per kWh per year (2022).

According to bdew, “moderate” price increases can also be expected in the next few years, since new power plants and gas engines will be remunerated due to the switch from coal to natural gas. In addition, waste heat, environmental heat and heat from renewable energies are increasingly being integrated into CHP and heating networks.

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