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With an opinion editorial in today’s New York Daily News, nuclear energy advocates Dan Yurman and Gwyneth Cravens respond directly to Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo’s calls to shut down Indian Point Energy Center.

The Indian Point Energy Center in Westchester County produces 2,000 megawatts of electricity – about one-third of the metro area’s needs. It powers Metro-North and the subway system, which transport an average weekday ridership of 5.1 million. Like the circus strongman at the base of a human pyramid, Indian Point supports the statewide grid of high-voltage transmission lines that protects against power failures. An economic engine for the state, Indian Point directly provides about 2,500 jobs. Unlike the fossil fuel plants that produce most U.S. energy, Indian Point emits no air pollution, and it keeps the lights on at a low cost.

So why does Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo want to shut it down? He says it’s unsafe, a target for terrorists and that replacement power can be found without short- or long-term consequences.

These claims are untrue.

Letting real science and clear facts refute Cuomo’s claims, they point out real problems that closing the facility would cause.

Closing the twin reactors means more illnesses and deaths thanks to increases in ozone and smog from additional fossil fuel combustion as well as more electricity-supply problems – brownouts and blackouts that would affect services like transportation and life-sustaining air conditioning during heat waves. Oh, and your electric bill will soar.

Check out the whole piece on the daily’s site.

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