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AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon speaks at the announcement ceremony in Piketon, Ohio on June 18, 2009.

AREVA CEO Anne Lauvergeon speaks at the announcement ceremony in Piketon, Ohio on June 18, 2009.

Who doesn’t like a little attention? We’re pretty flattered by the interest in the joint announcement of an alliance to develop the nation’s first Clean Energy Park as the Piketon site in Southern Ohio yesterday. Even more, we’re encouraged by the focus on nuclear energy. It’s great to see that this announcement is bringing focus to some important issues.

Rebecca Smith and Mark Peters, Wall Street Journal:

Ohio obtains more than 85% of its electricity from coal incineration, one of the highest amounts of any state. Looming federal carbon legislation could raise the cost of coal-based electricity in coming years, pushing utility companies like Duke to explore lower-carbon options.

Matthew L. Wald, from the New York Times‘s Green Inc. blog, recognizing the strong suits of the location:

Ohio officials, though, hope for a ‘clean energy park’ with a reactor and the enrichment plant. Because the old enrichment process used so much electricity, the site has strong grid connections, and cooling water is available. It is also in a region hungry for industrial development.

The Huffington Post, reprinting an AP story by Terry Kinney:

The site of a former uranium enrichment plant tucked away in the hills of southern Ohio has the necessary infrastructure for a nuclear power plant — abundant water, a power grid and bipartisan political backing.

Mark Niquette, writing for the Columbus Dispatch, on Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland’s speech:

Speaking today on a stage in front of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant, [Strickland] said the project would help revitalize southern Ohio’s economy while creating a clean energy source for a state and nation facing climate change.

The Dispatch also picked up on a special note from our CEO Anne Lauvergeon:

I say, ‘Let’s get to work … and go Buckeyes.’

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