Earth Day: SCE and Clean Energy


Ballona Watershed WarriorsAREVA Inc. employees actively support Earth Day (4/22) values of environmental stewardship and sustainability by organizing activities and participating in outreach events at our sites throughout North America.

We also proudly support and recognize our energy partners’ environmental leadership and initiatives—like those of Southern California Edison (SCE).

At the 5th Annual Ballona Watershed Warriors Celebration yesterday evening, Friends of Ballona Wetlands honored SCE for the company’s leadership in ongoing environmental protection and conservation work, including the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project and the Wheeler North artificial giant kelp reef.

SCE provides steady, reliable electricity from clean air nuclear power and other sources to businesses and communities in Southern and Central California, and is an important partner in supporting continued efforts regarding energy efficiency and clean air energy.

With a similar commitment to the environment shown through AREVA’s low-carbon nuclear power generation technologies and services, our safe used nuclear fuel storage solutions, our California-based solar energy subsidiary, and our employees’ community volunteerism, we are proud to support the work of Friends of Ballona and their recognition of Southern California Edison.

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