Earth Day 2012: AREVA’s Technology Creating a Cleaner Environment



It’s a simple idea: More power, less carbon emissions.

For example:

Where your power comes from makes a difference in our world today, and tomorrow.

By learning more about our nation’s energy choices, we can make informed decisions to meet our increasing power needs without increasing our environmental risk.

We Americans can replace our current carbon-based energy supply with an intentional mix of nuclear and renewable low carbon energies, and achieve a cleaner environment.

That’s where we come in—AREVA’s portfolio of innovative large-scale, low carbon power technologies are under construction around the world, generating thousands of jobs and megawatts of power.

Learn more. Explore our clean energy technologies. Be ready for your next conversation about our nation’s energy options. And join into the conversation on this blog.

Together we can make a simple idea a national reality. Enjoy Earth Day weekend, and join in the global celebration.



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