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Thanks Howard, for this comment in response to: “Leader of the American Leader in Carbon-Free Energy Solutions” –

Mr. Besnainou’s idea of complete transparency, and in politics not being able to pick your opponent is right on. The US nuclear industry has done the opposite, and has gotten us to the mess we are in.

In the beginning the scientists who developed nuclear energy in WWII knew and said that public education was key. Unfortunately it has always been someone else’s job. Scientists don’t go to public meetings, especially where there are opponents.

Some of us in the profession and industry have been reaching out to the public on our own, and through the American Nuclear Society’s Public Information Committee. Our efforts are weak compared to the anti-nukes who bring in the professional hit-men from Washington to local events. With no support from local utilities that have the money, the result is predictible. When its pros against ameteurs the pros win most of time.

The proof is the current debacle in Vermont, and the stoppage of Yucca mountain.

Thank goodness for Jacques Besnainou’s leadership.

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