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Jason Ribeiro has a great post up over at Pro-Nuclear Democrats highlighting a CNN-Money poll showing that fully 76% of those polled believe that nuclear power is a “safe, clean alternative right now” for our nation’s energy needs.
Now, being a web poll it’s unscientific, but the overwhelming support for nuclear energy speaks for itself.  Ribeiro’s key point is about the media’s desire to paint nuclear power as something “controversial” when the reality is that overwhelming majorities see the need for nuclear power to be part of our CO2-free energy future.  Does the presence of a loud but small minority make the issue “controversial” when, according to this poll at least, over three quarters of Americans support nuclear power right now?
But the key quote comes at the end:

Based on the feedback from these stories, we can clearly see people have been doing better homework by checking different sources on the internet and deciding for themselves who is the more credible source.  I think Americans are also getting sick and tired of being told they cannot move forward with the most powerful clean energy source ever discovered simply because the government is too incompetent to deal with what amounts to a small warehouse of spent nuclear fuel.

We certainly wouldn’t use the word “incompetent,” but we agree that the U.S. government needs to step it up, particularly when it comes to approving and helping put in place a used fuel recycling program like France has successfully operated for decades now.  As we’ve talked about on multiple occasions, recycling offers a solid solution to the used nuclear fuel “problem.”

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