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Fast Company posts this chart in the post Half Of Americans Now Too Scared To Build More Nuclear Power Plants by Morgan Clendaniel:

Chart from “Half Of Americans Now Too Scared To Build More Nuclear Power Plants” by Morgan Clendaniel of Fast Company

And notes that for those concerned with more nuclear energy projects:

“…Whatever nuclear power you don’t want to use has to be replaced by something, and the only thing we have capacity for rapidly expanding right now is more coal, oil, and natural gas. And if you want to get rid of a meaningful chunk of emissions, all you have to do is build another nuclear plant. This is why Obama is so desperate to add more nuclear power plants; he’s ignored all calls for a freeze in U.S. construction. Assuming people aren’t willing to make drastic changes to their lifestyles (don’t hold your breath for that), we can only fill our ever-increasing appetite for wasting energy cleanly by having it come from nuclear.”

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