CANBERRA Partners with Energy Efficiency Fund to Reduce Energy Consumption at Headquarters


CANBERRA, a leading provider of nuclear measurement systems and solutions, has taken advantage of financing and expertise provided by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund in partnership with Connecticut Light & Power to initiate lighting and HVAC retrofit projects in their 170,000 square foot corporate headquarters facility in Meriden, CT.

As a result of this project, CANBERRA will realize annual electrical savings estimated at 650,000 kWh, which is equivalent to an entire three months’ worth of electricity in the facility. The financing provided by the Energy Efficiency Fund reduces CANBERRA’s return on investment for the project to two years.

CANBERRA’s lighting retrofit project achieves significant energy savings by utilizing a number of new and innovative lighting technologies. These include dimmable ballasts, wireless room occupancy sensors and wireless daylight harvesting sensors. All dimmable ballasts and wireless devices can be controlled remotely and communicate to a main server to achieve additional savings and enable CANBERRA to participate in load shedding programs.

The HVAC retrofit employs a total-building energy management system to control scheduling and temperature setback for each of 166 heat pumps in private offices and open perimeter areas of the facility. This allows for significant efficiencies in heating and cooling seasons.

“We appreciate our collaboration with Connecticut Light & Power that has led to this significant energy and cost savings for our organization,” said Yves Baumgartner, CEO, CANBERRA. “One of the core tenets of our business is environmental responsibility and we therefore are interested in any program that can help us contribute to positive environmental change in our region.”

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