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802501Renewable energy – It’s a hot theme right now as states look at their future energy options, and wind is considered an excellent solution for producing electricity while protecting the environment. Just yesterday, the Daily Press of Newport News wrote a piece about how the “prospect of harvesting energy from the steady wind off the coast of Virginia appears to be gaining momentum.”

With a much per unit larger capacity than its onshore cousins, offshore wind turbines are increasingly under consideration as states like Virginia look at renewable energy sources they want to see developed.

AREVA is part of this conversation too, with our continually maturing renewables portfolio. This includes our 5 MW offshore wind turbines which we design and manufacture through our Multibrid subsidiary at our facility in Germany. Today, six of these turbines have been installed at Germany’s first offshore wind farm.

As part of the article’s look at wind in Virginia, the Daily Press identified AREVA as one of the companies examining potential projects in Virginia. In fact, AREVA is considering possible locations for wind farms throughout North America, in particular along the U.S. East Coast and Great Lakes.

Regarding possibilities in Virginia “at this point it’s still exploratory. But based on what we see, there’s certainly the potential and opportunity here if the offshore wind market should move ahead in the U.S.,” said AREVA spokeswoman Denise Woernle.

Another dimension of the AREVA renewable portfolio is ADAGE, a joint-venture with Duke Energy. ADAGE is currently developing 50 MW biopower (biomass to electricity) plants for construction in the U.S. and has already announced its first proposed site for Hamilton County, Florida.

For more information about ADAGE and biopower, check out the site here.

To read the rest of the piece, check out Daily Press article here.

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