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ATMEA, a joint venture of AREVA and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), announced today that national utility Nucleoeléctrica Argentina (NA-SA) had pre-qualified the ATMEA1 technology as a possibility for the construction of NA-SA’s fourth nuclear power plant. By pre-selecting the ATMEA1 technology, NA-SA acknowledges that the ATMEA1 reactor is a qualified design that could meet the most stringent safety requirements and fit needs of the NA-SA.

“After Jordan pre-selection of the ATMEA1 design last May and as confirmed by the recent positive statement of the French Safety Authority ASN on the ATMEA1 reactor’s safety options, this NA-SA decision confirms the trust being placed in the ATMEA1 technology,” said Philippe Namy, ATMEA President.

In Canada, the ATMEA1 reactor is undergoing pre-project design review with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The ATMEA1 has been proposed for the New Brunswick Clean Energy Park and is available for consideration for the Ontario new reactor project.

Argentina has recently revised its strategic plan for the country’s nuclear power sector, including the construction of a fourth nuclear reactor. Here is what a report in the World Nuclear News had to say:

The reactor being touted for this nuclear island – the ATMEA1 design – is an 1100 MWe pressurized water reactor which combines technologies from both companies. According to the companies, the design features long operation cycles, short refuelling outages and the load-following ability to adjust power output by 5% per minute. The Atmea1′s safety features include both passive and active systems, including a core catcher.

Click to read more about the ATMEA1 reactor and explore the ATMEA1 animation.

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