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Our friends at NEI have a new piece up about the nuclear industry’s latest tools for monitoring the water level in used nuclear fuel storage pools, including AREVA’s through-air radar system.

Along with the article’s general content, this is a great opportunity to add performance details about AREVA Inc.‘s groundbreaking efforts in used fuel pool level instrumentation—efforts that are already set to further enhance safety at nuclear energy facilities throughout North America.

In partnership with VEGA Americas, Inc., we’ve developed state-of-the-art tools like the VEGAPULS™ system to monitor used fuel storage pools. VEGAPULS is a through-air radar system that works by measuring the reflection times of microwave pulses to calculate a pinpoint measurement of water levels.

The benefit of using through-air radar is that it works even under adverse conditions—conditions in which used fuel pool monitoring is most important. Field tests of the VEGAPULS through-air radar demonstrated that it can efficiently handle environments containing saturated steam, dense smoke, boiling water, and floating debris without any loss of accuracy —at a range of up to 212 feet.

Check out this video demonstration of our used fuel pool instrumentation:

We’re proud to be doing our part to help utilities safely deliver and manage on-demand, clean-air nuclear energy.

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