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AREVA has launched a new U.S. Web site focused on its products and services in the United States that reinforces the company’s leadership position in providing CO2-free energy technology.

AREVA North America President Jacques Besnainou said, “This new Web site offers something for everyone, from bloggers and journalists to government officials, job seekers, and the general public. AREVA’s online presence reinforces not only our policy of transparency, but also our U.S. position as a CO2-free energy technology leader and thinker.”

The new Web site includes the following features to provide visitors with easy-to-find information about AREVA’s strong U.S. presence and activities:

*Detailed information on AREVA’s CO2-free energy technology expertise, including a section on our renewable energy offering
*A career section covering AREVA’s U.S. and international jobs, as well as on-campus recruitment fairs
The latest group and U.S. news, as well as upcoming events
*Focus reports on key projects, including U.S. EPR™ reactor technology, the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility, and AREVA Newport News, LLC, among others.

AREVA’s new Web site can be found at

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