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Jason Ribiero over at Pro-Nuclear Democrats found this great MIT lecture by AREVA’s own Thomas A. Christopher from 2007 about careers in the nuclear energy field and the challenges faced by the energy industry.

Jason also provides a great overview:

Mr. Christopher makes some enlightening points about the increasing demand year after year placed on energy producers. With only a 2 or 3% demand increase in the USA, this translates to 20-30 thousand megawatts a year, that’s 20-30 GW of power, that’s more than double all of the wind capacity that’s been added in the last 10 years! Not only do we face the extreme challenge of converting our infrastructure to emission free energy, it’s hard enough just to keep up with demand using conventional fossil fuels. For the anti-nuclear advocates out there, you need to wake up to the reality that closing even one nuclear plant will put tremendous strain to meet demand and virtually guarantee millions of tons of more CO2 emissions.

Here’s the video. It’s 1:31 long and absolutely worth the time.

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