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By Laura Clise
Sustainable Development & Continuous Improvement

In the current economic environment, more people have started to question the staying-power of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programs. Thought leaders and practitioners have made the case that sustainable development programs and initiatives should remain intact despite cost cutting.  Still, the economic crisis has presented an opportunity for reconciling whether all of the recent buzz and glitz surrounding CSR and sustainability are more than glossy reports and marketing mechanisms.

AREVA proves that when companies effectively align their economic, social and environmental responsibility commitments with their strategic business objectives, sustainable development endures. 

From our 10 commitments, to quarterly reporting on sustainable development metrics, to the “AREVA Way” continuous improvement initiative used across the group to facilitate economic, social and environmental progress, sustainable development and continuous improvement frame AREVA’s management and strategy processes.

But for those not satiated by metrics and management systems, how about a program that encourages collaboration and sustainable innovation among AREVA’s employees around the world?  I recently participated as a member of the AREVA Sustainable Development Awards  Assessment Committee.  This group meets every other year to recognize projects that best incorporate economic, social, and environmental benefit and align with AREVA’s 10 commitments.

From training at-risk youth regarding environmental protection to reduce workforce turnover and absenteeism, to instilling a continuous improvement culture that drives reduction in waste and energy consumption, to partnering with suppliers to improve their material and energy efficiency, AREVA teams continue to improve our economic, social and environmental performance.

When we think through the lens of sustainable development, it is exciting to explore what is possible through this kind of innovation and collaboration.

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