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By Lisa Peterson, Marketing Specialist, AREVA Federal Services

AREVA is the only company in the world to work in every stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, from mining uranium, enrichment and fuel fabrication to reactor construction and maintenance, and recycling used fuel. What’s more, AREVA’s expertise extends to developing solutions for safely and effectively packaging and transporting nuclear material.

AREVA Federal Services is part of AREVA’s back end business which manages a wide range of operations focused on the latter part of the nuclear cycle, from recycling used fuel to developing packaging and transportation solutions for used fuel. Remediating former weapons production sites, such as the Hanford and Savannah River are central parts of our business. This work together with the renaissance of nuclear power will increase demand for innovative packaging and transportation solutions.

Fuel Package

Our group designs and fabricates nuclear packages for storing and transporting used nuclear fuel. Formerly known as Packaging Technology Inc, we are the premier domestic supplier of packaging engineering and licensing services, is now providing these services as AFS Packaging Projects. Our packaging and transportation business includes:

  • Design, analysis, licensing, and fabrication of radioactive material packaging, material handling and transportation equipment
  • Transportation assessment and shipping support.
  • Evaluation of packaging and transportation alternatives under Department Of Energy, Department of Transportation, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements, including onsite systems
  • Seamless Coordination with other AREVA Affiliate Companies, including Transnuclear, Inc., the leading supplier of used fuel dry storage systems
  • Quality Services according to the NRC’s official Quality Assurance (QA) Program

AREVA provides the nuclear industry with significant experience and a depth of resources in package design, certification and fabrication. We are a recognized industry expert – over a 20-year period, AREVA Federal Services has secured over 30 NRD Certificates of Compliance for Type AF and Type B radioactive material packaging. AREVA Federal Services has established itself as a market leader through a commitment to technology development, innovation and a strong focus on customer service and delivery.

Fuel Package

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