AREVA’s AIDA SG Inspection Tool Approved for Motorized Rotating Probe Data


AREVA’s integrated data analysis platform (AIDA) is now available to all U.S. utilities to perform the three automated examination techniques for detecting degradation in steam generator tubes: motorized rotating probe, bobbin coil, and array probe data.

AREVA received the third and final approval from the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) for use of its AIDA automated data analysis tool for steam generator eddy current examinations. In the recent EPRI Automated Analysis Performance Demonstration Database (AAPDD) qualification, AIDA demonstrated 100% detection and 100% orientation of all degradation and an extremely low number of false positive calls of 0.18 per steam generator tube.

The AIDA tool can be used for any type of steam generator examination to ensure the quality of the steam generator tubes. By providing immediate, reliable and consistent data analysis eliminating human error and subjectivity, AIDA is a more efficient and economical tool for steam generator examination.

“AIDA was developed based on AREVA’s 25 years of experience in non-destructive examinations and offers utilities a reliable and now fully qualified, lower cost solution for pressurized water reactor steam generator inspections,” said George Beam, senior vice president of AREVA Inc.’s Installed Base Services. “The approval from EPRI confirms the efficiency of this automated technology to ensure the highest levels of safety and quality to support the safe, long-term operations of nuclear reactors.”

Since 2004, previously qualified versions of the AIDA software have been used in support of 89 examinations at 26 nuclear power plants in the United States and in Europe.

Watch this video on AREVA’s combined UT and ET measurement tool for accurate anti-vibration bar (AVB) tube gap inspection in nuclear steam generators.

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