AREVA to Build Facility for Medical Isotope Production


AREVA Med, an AREVA subsidiary, announced today the future construction of a facility in France that will produce on a large-scale medical grade lead 212.

Why Lead-212?

Lead-212 is a rare radioactive isotope that lies at the heart of promising nuclear medical research to develop new cancer treatments. Over the past few years, AREVA Med and its partners demonstrated the benefits of Lead-212 for use in innovative alpha radio-immunotherapy to combat cancer.

What does AREVA know about nuclear medicine?

By relying on its experience in radiochemistry and nuclear engineering, AREVA has developed innovative processes to extract rare isotopes derived from its industrial activities.

Why is AREVA building a facility to produce large quantities of Lead-212?

In nuclear medicine, the development of new treatments is dictated by isotope availability. With this new facility scheduled to open in 2013, rare Lead-212 will become more widely available and allow for the creation of new targeted therapies for patients.

Check out the press release and other blogs on this exciting project

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