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Starting today (Dec. 7-18), senior representatives from over 192 nations, thousands of NGO’s, hundreds of scientists, and thousands of activists are gathering for the historic 15th annual Conference of the Parties for its Framework Convention on Climate Change, or as it’s known in short, as the “Copenhagen 15 Conference.” (Or, even shorter: “COP-15″.)


The entire event is expected to bring over 34,000 individuals — including representatives from AREVA — to Copenhagen this week to engage on climate change. The goal of the event is to collectively assess progress and issues in coping with global climate change, and to work towards a new agreement that would follow the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in three years.

Most observers suggest that the practical goal of this event is to bring a “politically binding” deal across all member nations on targets for reducing their carbon output over the next several decades. This political deal would later become an official legal deal across member companies after the event.

India, China, the EU and Japan have already described their targets. For the U.S., President Obama has announced he would attend the Conference and likely bring a U.S. commitment to reduce carbon output in stages, beginning with a 17% cut by 2020.

Many feel the Copenhagen 15 event will be a pivotal point defining IF or HOW the world would take action over the next half century combating climate change.

AREVA has long been a corporate voice championing large-scale global transitions to CO2-free clean energy, and that the planet needs to ween itself off of older dirtier fuels of our past. We hope to be a vital presence at the event. And will post our thoughts and progress here.

You can follow Copenhagen tweets on Twitter under the hashtag #COP15.

We encourage our friends in the nuclear blogger community to join the many environmental bloggers following the event, blogging about it, and making their voices heard.

Some useful links:

  • COP 15 general website
  • US Dept. Of State Website for the event

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