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Last night AREVA North America recognized 168 of its manufacturers and service providers for dedication in service, safety, environmental conservation, and their longstanding relationships with AREVA. As integral business partners, these providers were named “AREVA Certified Suppliers,” having met demanding criteria based on quality, sustainable development, competitiveness, and 25 other subjective material.

AREVA CEO, Anne Lauvergeon, presented the certifications to company representatives during a ceremony held in Washington DC. In her speech, Lauvergeon discussed the importance of these supplier partnerships and the future of the industry:

Our future together is full of promise. Full of promise not only because nuclear power is coming back in full force. Full of promise because AREVA intends to remain the leading American as well as the leading global supplier of CO2 free energy products and services. Full of promise because our objective is not limited to building new reactors. We are building an industry that will provide a tremendous boost to the U.S. economy while creating thousands of jobs…we need sustainable partners to contribute to our common growth and our common success.

When accepting the supplier certification for FlowServe, CEO Lewis Kling spoke of how the current conversation on global energy needs “will no longer be enough.” He noted that “the Nuclear Energy Industry now must lead it. And through it all, everyone here must continue to support their customers in the most effective and efficient way possible with best-in-class service and innovative products.”

With over $1.5 billion in goods and services purchased by AREVA North America in 2008, recognizing and strengthening these relationships has great significance for the growth of CO2-free energy in the U.S and Canada.

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