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We want to recognize the winners of the paper competition from this year’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Pressure Vessels and Piping conference. Held in Prague this year, it’s an annual conference attended by some 700 technical experts from all over the world who meet to talk about PVP technology, codes, and standards for the power and process industries.

The awards were given on Wednesday to six graduate and undergraduate engineering and physical science students. Both categories of competition, PhD and MS/BS, turned in some excellent work, and the awards for the six ranged from $500 for the 2nd runner-up to $1,000 for each finalist. As one of the main conference sponsors, AREVA supported the technical paper competition which asked for student written papers on relevant topic areas including: codes & standards, high-pressure technology, design & analysis, materials &fabrication, seismic engineering.

Congrats to all participants and this year’s winners!

For more details, check out Nuclear Street.

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