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AREVA has announced that 14-year company veteran Bill Gallo will become Chief Executive Officer of AREVA Solar, the group’s global solar business unit headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., effective March 1.

Bill Gallo

Gallo currently serves as President and CEO of AREVA Federal Services, where he has overseen the establishment and growth of this 500-employee company focused on public sector contracts.

AREVA Solar designs, manufactures and installs solar steam generators for its global power generation and industrial customers in a dependable, competitive and environmentally responsible manner.

AREVA’s CLFR solar thermal technology is water-conservative and the most land-efficient renewable energy technology available. This technology can improve a utility’s energy mix by either building new CO2-free plants or by boosting the capacity of existing plants with solar generated steam. AREVA concentrated solar power installations can also provide solar steam for a variety of industrial processes.

To learn more, check out this video on AREVA’s concentrated solar thermal energy plant Kimberlina in Bakersfield, Calif.—the first such plant linked to the Californian network for 20 years.

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