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When it recently acquired Ausra (now AREVA Solar), AREVA knew it was getting a proven technology and an experienced management team. Now AREVA can say it got an Innovation All-Star.

In its March 2010 issue, Fast Company named Ausra one of its 59 Innovation All-Stars. Fast Company is an award-winning monthly magazine and web site covering the business of innovation. These Innovation All-stars were featured for their activities in 2008 and 2009 when they “fought a dour economy with renewed creativity and bold initiatives.”

Ausra was chosen specifically because it shifted its business strategy away from developing large-scale solar thermal power plants in the face of industry-wide tight project financing markets and permitting delays. Instead, the company focused on selling its proven solar steam generation technology to other power producers and industrial steam customers. Fast Company noted, “Within a few months, Ausra 2.0 had already struck deals with buyers in Jordan, Australia, and the United States.”

This innovative thinking is part of what AREVA Solar will use in its efforts to achieve the dominant market share of the projected 20 gigawatt concentrated solar power plant market by 2020.

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