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By Jarret Adams

AREVA announced today its contract to supply recycled mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel to the Japanese utility Hokkaido Electric Power Company for use at its Tomari 3 nuclear plant. According to the agreement, AREVA will manufacture MOX fuel assemblies using recycled material at its MELOX facility near Avignon, France.

This is the eighth Japanese utility to sign on for MOX fuel produced by AREVA.

Jean-Pierre Gros, Executive Vice President of AREVA’s Recycling business, said this contract “strengthens AREVA’s world leadership in MOX fuel fabrication and attests Japanese utilities’ confidence in our technology and know-how.”

Last week, AREVA hosted a virtual tour of its La Hague recycling facility in Normandy to show our decades of experience recycling used nuclear fuel. After the material is obtained at La Hague, it is sent to MELOX where AREVA manufactures MOX fuel.

Click here to learn more about AREVA’s recycling business.

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