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In another significant move to develop solutions for CO2-free energy, AREVA has signed an agreement to develop a third Clean Energy Park project, this one for New Brunswick, Canada.

AREVA signed a letter of intent today with the Province of New Brunswick and New Brunswick Power to develop this project in the southern area near the Point Lepreau nuclear station.

As a Clean Energy Park, this project will consider featuring both AREVA’s nuclear and renewable energy technologies, similar to concepts already in discussions in Ohio and California.

Capitalizing on AREVA’s expertise and technological reliability, the agreement indicates this project would use latest generation III + reactor technology and could include renewable options offered by AREVA such as biomass, offshore wind, and concentrated solar power.

Just as in Ohio and California, the Clean Energy Park concept is an advantageous option for clean energy generation because it also would provide a major economic stimulus, estimated to create 8,500 direct and indirect jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars for the regional economy.

With this announcement, the Province of New Brunswick and New Brunswick Power join AREVA in leading the advancement of safe, reliable, clean energy technology for their community.


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