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Beginning this week, as part of our mission to expand CO2-free energy in the United States, AREVA has launched a six-week campaign that highlights our American job creation and contribution to clean-air energy generation in the U.S.

The ad points out that we have 6,000 employees currently working throughout the country building a new American generation for energy generation. We are excited to convey AREVA’s critical impact on the American economy, including our strong relationships with our 5,000 American suppliers.

AREVA's American Jobs Ad - click to enlarge

AREVA’s American Jobs Ad – click to enlarge

This impact includes the thousand of jobs and billions in investment that we are creating right now with two of our latest projects. The AREVA Newport News facility is a partnership with Northrop Grumman to build a $363 million manufacturing plant. This facility now under construction in Virginia will bring back to American soil the capability to build critical reactor components. Another important project is our Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility in Idaho. In addition to creating over 5,000 jobs and billions of dollars in investment, this state-of-the-art facility will provide indispensable domestically enriched uranium to fuel our American reactor fleet, strengthening our nation’s energy security.

You will be able to see AREVA’s ad on these sites and publications during September and October:

Or pick up a copy of today’s Washington Post.

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