AREVA Sends Radiation Detectors to Japan


AREVA’s Nuclear Measurements Business Unit (CANBERRA) quickly responded this week to the need in Japan by shipping a supply of crucial emergency support radiation measurement equipment.

The wide range of detection equipment helps emergency personnel efficiently and effectively conduct radiation measurements of people and the environment, and helps safeguard the health and well-being of citizens and workers:

  • medium-resolution hand-held gamma spectroscopy instruments for detecting and characterizing contamination
  • emergency response survey meter kits for assessing dose rate and surface contamination
  • personal radiation monitors to provide close-in responders with immediate dose rate information in their location
  • hand-held contamination monitors
  • laboratory high-resolution gamma spectroscopy systems for characterizing food, water and environmental samples
  • additional equipment as needed

Hand-held gamma spectroscopy

Along with increasing production on key products to meet demand during this time, CANBERRA is making every effort to accelerate equipment delivery. For example, with two days notice, the company delivered a whole-body counter to the U.S. Navy for deployment to Japan, a dramatically short time frame for a system of this complexity.

The company also identified nuclear measurement experts, some with specific crisis experience, who can offer support in the radiological assessment of affected areas in Japan. These experts can assist local authorities, international organizations and customers on a volunteer basis, and under full compliance with recommendations by the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) and international dosimetry rules.

AREVA will continue to explore all avenues in which it can provide expertise, equipment and assistance to Japan during this time of need.

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