AREVA Praises Canadian Government Plan for Oversight Reform


AREVA commended the Harper Government for its plan presented this week to reform oversight of proposed natural resource projects that would improve project economics and spur new investments in Canada. The federal government plan would streamline review of proposed projects, and has received broad support from industry in Canada. The plan was announced by Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver on April 17 at an industrial facility outside Toronto.

“The Harper Government’s plan for Responsible Resource Development will create good, skilled, well-paying jobs in cities and communities across Canada, while maintaining the highest possible standards for protecting the environment,” said Minister Oliver. “It will help prevent the long delays in reviewing major economic projects that kill potential jobs and stall economic growth by putting valuable investment at risk.”

In an article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, AREVA praised the federal government initiative:

“Reforms such as these certainly weigh into our considerations as we contemplate whether to make new investments in Canada,” said Jarret Adams, AREVA’s communications manager in Saskatoon.

“We certainly view this in a positive light,” he said. “We appreciate the government’s initiative to make regulatory review more predictable and efficient for proposed new projects.”

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