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By Jarret Adams

Recently AREVA has been the subject of some attacks by members of anti-nuclear organizations. Here is our basic response:

While some may have a quasi-religious or professional obligation to oppose nuclear energy, I would invite anyone who is curious about the issue to research it on your own and come to your own conclusions.

America’s nuclear power plants are important sources of carbon-free generation and produce 20 percent of our electricity. Nuclear power also represents nearly three-quarters of our emission-free generation; most of the rest comes from hydropower.

Expanding nuclear power can make one of the largest contributions to preventing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions of any initiative under way in our country.

For people for whom it is their full-time jobs it is to attack nuclear energy, it is not surprising to see such a vitriolic attack against our company, which employs 6,000 hardworking people in the United States and 75,000 around the world. 

It is also important to note that AREVA also is a leading producer of smart grid applications which make electricity distribution more efficient and have a rapidly growing renewable business in the biomass sector and producing offshore wind turbines.

It would take a long time to address each inaccuracy or misrepresentation that has appeared recently, but would like to address at least one regarding the La Hague recycling facility in France.

Protecting the environment is a priority for us in all of our operations. Because of concerns regarding La Hague, we have set up real-time environmental monitoring on our website. Check it out for yourself:

We welcome visitors to our facilities in the United States and elsewhere, so people can draw their own conclusions about our environmental commitments.

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