AREVA Med: New Research Agreement with University of Cincinnati


AREVA subsidiary AREVA Med and the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, announced today that they have signed a research agreement to develop a new treatment to combat cancer. Under the agreement, AREVA will provide the medical-grade isotope Lead-212 to the university for researchers to conduct studies on alpha radio-immunotherapy which uses this isotope to treat prostate cancer.


Already the use of AREVA’s medical-grade Lead-212 isotope has proved promising in research efforts. Over the past few years, AREVA and its partners have demonstrated significant benefits by using Lead-212 as an innovative type of nuclear medicine to combat cancer.

Because Lead-212 is a rare isotope, AREVA has utilized is experience in radiochemistry and nuclear engineering to develop a new process to produce Lead-212 so that it can be used for this type of research.

More information on the AREVA Med project is available here or read the press release.

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